Goldwind Denmark located in the northern part of Aarhus is a R&D focused subsidiary of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd., a world leading wind turbine technology and energy solutions provider headquartered in Beijing, China.

Our mission

Providing clean, cost efficient renewable energy is an urgent, global imperative. Goldwind is dedicated to furthering the most advanced and cost-efficient wind power technology, continually raising the bar through a steadfast commitment to innovation.

To enhance our leadership position within the clean energy sector, we adhere to an integrated model dedicated to:

Innovation in product: a permanent magnet direct-drive configuration with high power generating efficiency, superior power quality, high power-to-weight ratio, and significantly reduced lifetime maintenance costs

Innovation in supply: a truly global supply chain maximizing local component sourcing to manage lead times and maintain cost leadership

Innovation in business development: a feedback system based on customer input and adaptability to the demands of the world’s most competitive international markets

Innovation in financing: a suite of financing products across the entire wind value-chain to help our customers unlock and optimize their projects

Innovation in management: a global corporate structure leveraging local expertise and best practices across diverse markets

Since 2011, MIT has twice recognized Goldwind as one of the “50 Most Innovative Companies in the World”.

Evolution of Goldwind

As one of the very first wind energy players in China in the 1980s, Goldwind pioneered the Chinese wind market. In 1989, Mr. Wu Gang, now chair of the board in Goldwind, worked on developing the first demonstration wind farms in China alongside Danish and Chinese engineers and in 1997 Goldwind became the first turbine manufacturer in China. In the span of nearly two decades, Goldwind’s global newly installed onshore capacity in 2015 of 7.8GW ranked number 1 in the world according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Goldwind is now in the process of internationalizing it’s R&D activities and Goldwind Denmark established in 2016 is the third R&D center following the R&D centers in Beijing and Neunkirchen, Germany.

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